Survival tip: How to start a fire with a water bottle and piece of paper


Most people think that the first thing you need when stranded in the woods is food. While food is definitely important, most people can last three weeks without a single morsel. Water is even more important, as lethal dehydration can set in anywhere from 2 days to one week.

But the weather is hands down the most dangerous thing to you when you’re lost in the woods.Hypothermia can kill you in 3 hours or less depending on your size.

This video by the Grant Thomson-“The King Of Random” YouTube channel shows how to start a fire using a water bottle!

You need a water bottle with water (or urine if things get really desperate) and some sort of tinder like paper or dry leaves. To do the trick, you just need to angle the filled bottle between the sun’s rays and the tinder you use. The water in the bottle acts like a magnifying glass, amplifying the power of the sunlight.

The trick is simple, but you should practice it a few times in your backyard before you try to duplicate it in an emergency. Check out the full video below.

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