An autistic 11-year-old shocked a college class when he walked to the whiteboard and did this


Autism can manifest itself in many negative ways. Many autistic people have issues with communication, speaking, and comprehension. However, autistic people’s brains aren’t worse than non-autistic people, they’re just different.

A university professor knew this well when she brought her 11 year old autistic son into her classroom. The students were skeptical and perhaps a bit confused at first, but what he did blew them away!

Her son was able to draw the entire world map on the whiteboard from memory.

The drawing is very detailed. It shows small islands, peninsulas, and every continent is appropriately spaced.

He even labeled everything!

This is doubly impressive due to the fact that most full grown adults couldn’t draw a full world map without a cheat sheet. Autistic people often have very literal and photographic memories that the rest of us don’t. This 11 year old is a good example of the capabilities of autistic people.

h/t reddit