Owners lose it when deceased man’s dog peers into casket for jaw-dropping realization

Julia Beaulieu and her husband adopted Sadie the Dalmatian-border -collie mix when she was just 8 weeks old. Now 13-years later, Julia husband suddenly passed away, leaving both Julia and little Sadie reeling.

Before paramedics took their beloved master and husband away, Sadie was able to nudge his hand with her nose, which Julia expected to be enough closure for the pup, but days later the poor dog was still laying around and staring out the window waiting for her beloved owner to return. Sadie even stopped eating and lost 10 pounds in 10 days.

Julia could tell Sadie was grieving too, so she brought the dog to the funeral, but she didn’t expect what happened next.

When Julia brought Sadie into the funeral home for the viewing, the dog seemed to know something was up, and when Julia allowed her to jump up and peer into the casket, a look of shock seemed to appear on the dog’s face. Then, as if a sudden realization had washed over her, Sadie seemed to relax and melt into Julia’s side as if in acceptance of her owner’s passing.

When the two returned home, Sadie ate her first meal in 10 days, apparently no longer confused about the whereabouts of her owner.

“This photo has touched us so deeply at Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial, and we and the family want to share it with you,” said the funeral home of the photo captured in the moment.

“This photograph captures a special moment between a man, his wife and their best friend. She had recently lost her dear husband to a sudden heart attack and wanted to see him one last time to say goodbye … After the death, she showed signs of depression, would not eat and waited for him to come home every day.”

“The wife believed that Sadie could also benefit from saying goodbye and getting closure herself, and she was right!”