71-year-old Elton John sits at piano to share tear-jerking Christmas memory

Most of us have fond childhood memories of Christmas morning being one of the most exciting mornings of the year, but most don’t realize just how impacting a child’s Christmas gift can be. In this promotion for a British department store, Elton John shares his own Christmas childhood memories and shows how one gift changed the course of his life, and the history of music, forever.

In the clip, Elton John’s life is seen in reverse, beginning with his current life as a huge superstar, then transitions into his time as a struggling artist, until the video finally reaches the early stages of his childhood where Little Elton is shown unwrapping an enormous present to reveal a full-size piano.

His parents beam as he crawls onto the bench and begins to play. Little did they know this was the beginning of an enormously successful career for their little boy!

Today, Elton John is a legend, and millions have been inspired by his musical genius that all started on that special Christmas morning many years ago.

Check out the video for yourself, it’s sure to bring lots of your own Christmas memories to the surface!