Man connects 500,000 lights to his piano, awes neighbors when he presses a key

The Piano Guys are at it again! The guys have created extravagant videos before, but never one as huge as this. Their latest video boasts hundreds of thousands of beautiful flashing lights packed into one little suburban cul-de-sac.

The guys set up their piano right smack in the middle of the neighborhood. Then, what begins as a small and quaint light show, suddenly bursts into a magnificent array of holiday cheer. The song I Saw Three Ships syncs with bouncing beats of the Christmas lights. 

Totally unexpected, the guys light up the entire neighborhood with the joy of their holiday spirits! They are blasting the sound into the heavens and sending out messages of Christmas cheer. 

The Piano Guys’ playing isn’t the only powerful thing behind this Christmas gig. The actual electricity that zaps through their performance is also quite impressive. The group uses more than 500,000 Christmas lights, and are surrounded by 46,000 watts of electricity not including the 4,900 digital channels that ensure that the entire spectrum of the 88 keys of their piano are able to create the Christmas performance of a lifetime.

In addition to the light show, The Piano Guys were able to use a drone to capture footage of the show from overhead. That way even people at home can imagine the spectacular array of vibrant lights and enjoy it just as if they were actually there.

At the hilarious conclusion of the video, police sirens ring and blue and red lights start flashing. One of The Piano Guys gets up from behind the piano and takes off! Too funny!

After The Piano Guys shared this video to YouTube, the excitement exploded and everyone wanted to share the great efforts these men went to in order to spread the holiday cheer.

See the dazzling performance for yourself in the video below.