Four boys take the stage, crowd loses it when boy in the vest opens his mouth

A group of four boys all dressed in their Christmas clad take the stage. When they open their mouths to sing, they give the crowd a performance that had them keeling over in their seats! The audience was not expecting this little trick the children had up their sleeves.

As they began to sing a gospel song during the Christmas service, everyone in the congregation was quickly taken back. As soon as the music began to play, the audience knew that this was no ordinary quartet. But, they never expected the boys to sound so mature! Their performance instantly brought laughter and joy to everyone in the room. 

The four boys gave a performance that sent the crowd roaring in laughter. They sang along with the song, their voices sounding much bigger than their tiny bodies could seemingly handle. But, when the most amusing part of this performance begins when the boy in the vest takes the spotlight. Though it’s impossible not to notice how super sweet he is, there’s no doubt the entire performance is pure brilliance!

With every passing moment of this boys singing, the grins of the crowd grew bigger and bigger. The trick up the sleeves of the boy in the vest brought holiday cheer to everyone in the room. He certainly set the mood in church that night.

The comedic performance of the silly young boys instantly spread tons of joy and delight during the Christmas season. The quartet lit up the night with their heartwarming performance, and sent everyone home feeling warm and fuzzy.

Watch this charming and adorable young group steal the show with their talent and charisma.

If you are looking for a good laugh, watch their video performance below. You will love these kids’ routine!