Doctors Thought It Was A Routine C-Section, But Were Shocked When They Saw This

All births are special, but little baby Silas’ is somewhat unique. He was born 3 months before his due date, which is amazing in its own right, but that’s not the most amazing part.

It happened in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where Silas was born with a pretty rare abnormality; he was born still inside of his amniotic sac, also known as “en caul”. While in the sac, the baby was still receiving oxygen from the placenta with the umbilical cord still inside.

Doctors were awestruck by the phenomenon and took snapshots for future reference.

“It felt like slow-motion but really realistically probably about 10 seconds that we had to sort of quickly pause and be able to do this, because at the same time, we want to get the baby out of that sac, start helping the baby to begin breathing,” said William Binder, a Neonatologist.

Despite the all of the birth complications, the doctors are pleased to say that Silas is fighting strong and is expected to go home within a month.