Dad wakes up to find his dog suddenly has a strange new smile, then curls over in laughter

This is Maggie. She is a Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix and her rambunctious personality has earned her TONS of love and gratitude.


She has no shame in showing how happy she always is. But, one day, her happiness shown in a particularly playful way.

Maggie lives in an apartment in Long Island, New York with her owner Eunice and Eunice’s father. Eunice told The DoDo, “ “She is the cutest! She has quite a personality. She loves to cuddle but is also a yapper at times. She’s very mischievous!”

Maggie has delighted the hearts of millions on social media with her recent high-spirited performance.


One day, while Eunice’s father was home alone he decided he was going to take a nap. He stretched out on the couch, took out his dentures and set them on the coffee table. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Strangely enough, when he woke up his teeth were nowhere to be found. In a sleepy haze, he thought maybe he had left them in the bathroom. As he began searching for his teeth, he noticed Maggie under the table in the living room.

It was then that he realized his teeth had not gotten up and walked away, but in fact it was Maggie who had stolen them!

Maggie was at it again! This hilarious pup was so happy to show off her new choppers. And she appears to be quite pleased with herself.

Eunice’s father couldn’t help but snap photos to share this classic moment. When he sent the pictures of Maggie’s new canines Eunice said, “I was in literal tears.”

After composing himself, Eunice’s father nabbed his dentures back from the silly pup, washed them off and put them back in.

Now, we don’t know what tricks that mischievous Maggie will be up to next, but we’re sure she is plotting something…