His Kids Won’t Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. This Was His Hilarious Solution.

Be honest, there’s more than a handful of us who are guilty of using their phone during a dinner. Whether it’s to send a text, browse the web or check up on whatever social media site you follow, one thing will always be the same: it’s rude.

It’s especially rude for most families as dinner is the only time they get to bond. How can you bond and get to know your children when they’re nose deep in their cell phones frying their eyes?

In this short film “Pass the Salt” by Mathew Abler, one man gives his two boys a taste of their own medicine.

The family is enjoying dinner together when the sons become distracted by their cellular devices. This, of course, irritated the parents.

The father asked for the salt but his distracted son passed him the pepper instead. That was when the father decided to put a little perspective into his sons’ eyes.

A loud thud could be heard as the boys look up to see their father fiddling away on a typewriter. The typewriter is loud and the boys confused. They try to get their dad’s attention, but he ignores them.

Finally, he says “Sorry, I must have been distracted.”

The boys got the message and put their phones away. With that, the father was finally able to get his salt.

The film is short, sweet and to the point, addressing a problem in etiquette that’s been around since the cell phone was created.

Watch the clip below.