Police break into woman’s iPad — and use it to save her life

28-year-old Melissa Vasquez managed to drive off a cliff side road in San Jose and fall 500 ft into the ravine below. Miraculously, she survived the fall but was immobilized by her injuries. Unable to get help, she spent the next 18 hours trapped in her car stuck in a ravine.

Fortunately, police were notified of her plight by her cars Onstar system. However they were unable to find Vasquez’s exact location.

It wasn’t until officer Dave Cameron, a policeman who’s experienced with technical appliances, discovered the password to Vasquez’s home iPad and used the “find my iphone” app to pin point Vasquez’s location.

20 minutes after using the app, they were able to rescue Vasquez and airlift her to a hospital. She is being treated for her wounds and is in stable condition.