This Guy Pulled Out An iPad On Live TV — But What He Did With It? I’m Speechless.

Ellen Degeneres’s talk show is known for showing off cool stuff. However, Ipad “magician” Simon Pierro might take that to a whole different level.

Since Simon was young, he’s always held an interest in stage magic. However, it wasn’t until he moved from Germany to New York that he’d tried it himself. Apparently, a street magician tricked him out of his last 20 dollar bill, which inspired his lifelong love of magic.

Simon actually has a very practical degree in business administration and engineering. At first glance it might not fit what he currently does, but due to his formal training he’s able to incorporate more technologically complex tricks into his act, making him very popular at corporate events.

During his time on Ellen, Simon showcased his unique tech-based talents by shooting an Angry Bird out of his IPAD screen!

Ellen isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last to recognize Simon. He’s been awarded Magician of the Year by the Magic Circle of Germany in ‘02.

He won the German World Championships of Magic soon after. The developer of Angry birds has even recognized Simon as the “official magician of Angry Birds”.

Simon’s act is truly something special, and the look on Ellen’s face shows it.

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