5 Siblings Get Together to Sing a Beautiful Rendition of Christmas Classic

This charming Christian family has a lot to be proud of. As a family with 15 musically inclined children (not all of whom are performing) this group sure has a lot of love to go around. Furthermore, the voices in this family are simply angelic. They have such talent. Certainly, there is no denying their family values that are clearly at the core of everything they do.

In an enchanting, snow-encapsulated arena, the oldest five children in the bunch step up to belt out an a cappella performance. It is certainly one to write home about. The song they perform in the video below is the classic carol, “Good Christian Men Rejoice”.

Above all, this Christmas season, the Wissmann Family shares a message of what Christmas is truly about. It’s not the toys, or the gifts, or the food, it’s about the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Wissmann bunch do their best to spread the word of God in everything they do.

Similarly, the family has been taking the love of Jesus to the federal prisons for the past 14 years. The prison is where their ministry really comes to life. The family travels to several states across the country to share their musical talents with the inmates.  

On their family blog, one of the children writes about how important the prison ministry has been in their lives. She writes,

It’s been an incredible opportunity that has had a huge impact on our family! If God lays something on your heart, just start praying about it and watch Him open doors. Every year hundreds of volunteers come to both Gospel Express and We Care for a week of ministering in the prisons. It is truly a blessing to be a part of.”

To see the Wissmann family’s version of this song watch the video below. You will surely be captivated by their fun and quite impressive performance.