This Guy Built A Fence To Keep His Dog In. Watch What Happened As Soon As He Finished.

Pets–we love them like they’re our children. Whether you’re a crazy cat lady, a dog lover, or a collector of critters, nothing can replace the joy and unconditional love that comes with owning a pet. Just like our kids, we’d do anything to protect them. And that’s exactly what one man set out to do when he installed a brand new fence in his backyard. Sure it was a tough job, but if it means keeping his beloved Stella safe, it’s all worth it and more.

Watch what happens when this dog owner shows off his new handiwork.

Man’s best friend indeed! This pup sure isn’t willing to submit to the idea that he is a less intelligent species. He did just outsmart a man, after all!

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe dogs are the ones teaching us tricks? We might think dogs are rolling over to get a treat…or could it be that humans being trained by dogs to give them treats? With this clever canine, it’s a definite possibility.

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