She threw some ice in the dryer…After seeing why, I’m doing this every time!


Most people dread laundry day. Even if you don’t mind it, it’s not exactly something anyone finds enjoyable. This video by Jumble Joy will show you how to shorten the time you spend ironing out those wrinkles in your clothes so you can spend more time doing things you actually enjoy.

The tip is very simple. Simply take your clothes that you want to de-wrinkle, and place them in the dryer. Then take a handful of ice cubes and put them with the clothes. Then set the dryer on high for five minutes.

When the clothes come out, they will be completely wrinkle free. The ice cubes create a slow releasing steam effect that’s similar to what your iron does. This tip is much faster and poses no risk of accidental burns or clothing damage like ironing.

According to the comments on the video, you could also spray your clothes with water or place in a slightly damp hand towel. Try the tips out and let us know how they work in the comments!