The Magical Moment When A Mom With Alzheimer’s Recognizes Her Daughter Next to Her

There are currently 5.2 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s and every 67 seconds another is diagnosed with it. For each person affected it can have a crippling effect on not only them, but their loved ones as well.

As Kelly’s mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed, she got used to her mother not being able to recognize her. Until one day out of the blue, she realized the woman next to her was the daughter she loved dearly. The joy that was displayed by both Kelly and her 87-year-old mother during this emotional moment, will bring a tear to your eye, I guarantee it.

For those who have loved ones that suffer from this disease, you’ll truly understand the magic of this moment. To help fight this debilitating affliction, you can make a donation to a the Alzheimer’s Association, here.