She loved being a mother, but never thought this would happen

This is a must read.

I kissed your skinned knees and made the pain stop. I was the registered tea-guest when ten stuffed animals weren’t enough. I cut off your sandwich crusts, you didn’t need to remind me. I was in the first row at your piano recital, with tissues, crying. When you had a bad day, I could cheer you up. With a trip to Dairy Queen, ice cream in a cup.

But brave as she is, Mommy couldn’t cure all. You let go of my hand, and I watched you fall. In a blink of an eye, you were sixteen years old. I didn’t get hugs, you were stubborn and cold.

Mommy loved you, she always cared. But my dear baby girl, I was getting scared. You were out past midnight, you didn’t answer your phone. I started to panic, with you out on your own. Then came a noise that shook me to my core.

A pounding of wood, it was a knock at the door. An officer stood, and tears streaked from his eyes. “I’m so sorry Ma’am, but your little girl died. We tried to revive her, but she was already gone.”

That’s when I fainted– hit the floor, head-on. I was never the same after living a nightmare. The horror I lived through, when she could have been spared

So, parents- I implore you, keep your babies alive. Teach them what happens when you drink and drive.

This story, written by Daily Headline writer Carla Grace, describes the harsh reality that many experience.

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