Hell On Earth For Christians Living in Iraq

Many are currently suffering in the Middle East at the hand of the fast growing Islamic terrorist regime, ISIS. But one group, the Iraqi Christians, who have been peacefully living in the region for 2000 years, perhaps face the greatest danger.

After capturing Iraq’s second largest city, the terrorist regime is forcing Christians to convert to Islam, pay taxes, or die.

Many have fled their homes, and are trying to survive in barely livable conditions in order to avoid death, because they chose to keep their faith.

Now the Iraqi Christians are making a desperate cry for assistance to powers around the world, such as the U.S. Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younnan spoke out on behalf of the persecuted minority:

“I want to tell American Christians to stand up, wake up and no longer be a silent majority.”

Although there have been some U.S. lawmakers who’ve proposed action to intervene on this religious cleansing, the majority so far have remained silent. But it’s a dire issue that must be acted upon, not just for these Christians, but for the sake of humanity everywhere.

Do you think the U.S. should step in to help the suffering Iraqis?