Flashback: Robin Williams Hilariously Channels The American Flag In This Patriotic Monologue

As the world still grieves the loss of actor Robin Williams, many have turned to his past performances to catch another look at his great talent.

Buried between his blockbuster movies, and celebrated cable specials, is a lesser known bit TV performance where Williams gives the Flag a voice — and funny one at that. He performed the 2 hour show, “I Love Liberty”, in 1982 dressed as the American flag.

His patriotism didn’t end with there however. Throughout his entire life, he was a strong supporter of our military personnel and on many occasions traveled out of the country to perform for our troops stationed abroad.

The Washington Post recently put together a great article highlighting his dedication to our troops, and the fond memories that many had of him.

So here’s one last R.I.P to Robin Williams, not just a talented comedian, but a great human being that this world will dearly miss.