Don’t Cut Your Thanksgiving Turkey Until You See This

There is a lot that goes into making the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving. From buying the right one to cooking it the right way to carving it the right way. How you eat it is all up to you, we won’t judge.

Carving a turkey may not seem like such a big deal to some people, but it truly makes a difference. Mark Dommen, chef-partner of San Franciscos One Market Restaurant, knows the perfect way

The first thing, and most obvious thing, you’ll be told is to have a sharp knife. Sharp knife clean cut.


Next,you will learn the easiest and most efficient way to carve the turkey so you don’t make a mess and get the most you can from the bird.

Remove the legs first, this will make it easier to get the breast.


A common way people will carve the breast is right on the turkey. It’s actually better to slice down the middle of the breast, separating them and removing them from the body.


It’s important to remember to cut the breast the right way. Like corn beef or pastrami, if you slice it the wrong way, it comes out chewy. Dommen says the best results comes from cutting the breast across the grain.

As for the presentation, that’s all a matter of preference.


You could set it up symmetrically on a plate, or you could just plop the turkey right on the table and dig in.

Either way, you just created mess free turkey servings. Congratulations and enjoy!