A Tiny Insect Killed Her. Now Her Daughter Is Warning Others.

A Tiny Insect Killed Her. Now Her Daughter Is Warning Others.

At The Daily Headline, we like to share positive and uplifting articles; however, every now and again, a story reaches us that we feel compelled to share, because sometimes sharing these stories could save someone’s life.

Anyone who’s spent time camping, hiking or even taking a walk in the woods knows to keep an eye out for ticks. They’re tiny parasites that can carry a myriad of illnesses.

Tamela Wilson, a Meramec State Park’s assistant superintendent, contracted a tick-borne illness while at Meramec State Park.

At first, Wilson wasn’t feeling well. After getting constant headaches, overall body pain, and a light red rash, Wilson visited her doctor. Doctors performed a blood test and found her white blood cell count was low. By that time, Wilson was struggling to grip objects. She was becoming progressively ill very quickly.

Wilson was sent to the hospital where she was treated for her symptoms. Unfortunately, doctors still had not found the cause of Wilson’s sudden, worsening illness. Finally, Wilson’s bloodwork was sent to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who determined Wilson had a very rare case of Bourbon virus.

By that time, the only thing that could be done was continue to treat Wilson’s symptoms. Sadly, three weeks later, Wilson succumbed to the tick-borne virus.

Now Wilson’s daughter is sharing her mom’s story in hopes that no one will have to suffer what their family has had to endure.

Please learn the symptoms of tick-borne illnesses and share this story with others.