Blind Artist John Bramblitt Uses Touch To Create Beautiful Paintings

Blindness is one of the most debilitating sensory injuries you can have. Think about the amount of time you spend using your eyes. Without them, you couldn’t even read this.

Even though blindness makes things difficult, blind artist John Bramblitt shows that blindness can’t stop you from doing anything if you have the determination.

Bramblitt suffered from chronic epileptic seizures during childhood that eventually rendered him blind.

Even though Bramblitt can’t actually see the canvas, his paintings are quite vivid.

They use very deep color palettes that blur into one another in a sunset-like effect that’s very unique among artists.

Bramblitt claims to “feel” out the canvas and to “see” colors that others can’t with their naked eyes.

He can even feel the texture differences between paint colors.

Bramblitt shows that disabilities can actually be beneficial if you have the genius and determination to use them properly. Bramblitt serves as an inspiration to all of us, especially those of us that are disabled. You can find more of Bramblitt’s work, as well as purchase his art, on his website.