Parents Outraged After Students Bring This ‘Permission Slip’ Home

A Florida man recently shared the image below on Facebook, expressing outrage over a notice his young niece brought home from school. Read his post below.

Micah Brienen

My niece brought this home from school today…What is happening to our country?!?

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The form reads:

“I understand my rights as a parent and I request that my child, noted above, be excused from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This request includes standing and placing his/her right hand over his/her heart.”

Thousands of people felt the same outrage, as the post was shared over 27,000 times in a matter of days. Brienan followed up with a comment a few days later, indicating that the school had responded to the negative press and pulled the form from student’s handbooks.

Micah Brienen

I have just been informed that The Pledge of Allegiance request form has been removed from the student handbook district-wide. They’ve torn it out of every handbook. Per an edict that came down from the district last night. We can make a difference! Let’s save America together!!

Thankfully, the school district listened to the parents’ outcries, but it’s sad that it even made it to the printer in the first place.

What is this country coming to?