A 92-year-old-man causing a disturbance at the bank gets an unexpected treatment from the responding officer

Officer Robert Josett was called to a local Bank of America after receiving reports of an unruly customer. When he arrived, he realized that the person causing the disturbance was not what you would expect an incorrigible customer to look like – the person was a 92-year-old man!

The bank employees explained to the officer that the man had come in to withdraw money but that his ID was expired, preventing him from accessing his accounts according to company policy. This had made the man upset and he began making a scene, making employees uncomfortable enough to call the police.

Officer Josett realized that this was not your typical public disturbance case, so instead of ordering the man to leave or putting him in handcuffs, the officer guided the elderly man out of the bank and took him straight to the Department of Motor Vehicles to help him renew his identification card. After they were finished, the officer then brought the man back to the bank, where he was able to finally withdraw his money.

“This officer is a saint! All this Little Grampa wants is to keep his Independence. And the officer helped him in a dignified manner. Good Job Officer,” commented one reader on the Montebello Police Department’s Facebook post regarding the incident.

The department’s post has since been shared nearly 45,000 times and thanks to this kind officer’s approach to a “disturbance,” the older gentleman can relax knowing the police are here to help!