15 Hand-Written Letters From Kids That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be

“Having Worse Day of life by far Do Not enter! From youre hated sun me”

8. Points for creativity.


“Dear Tooth Farei, my tooth whint down the drane. It was an accident. Wil you take this eyelash instead? From Emerson”

9. Uh-oh, she’s on to me.

“Dear Uncle Bryan, I hope you have a good birthday. I Love you Uncle Bryan. How are you? Have you Hird of Saten? He makes you do bad thagings. Love Rebekkah”

10. Thanks for the head’s up!


“Mom, I’m going to run away tomroe at 9:30 wean you and Dad are steeping. Be sure to say goo d by for ever. Emily P.S. I will be packind tonight.”

11. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.


“Daddy is meen he is nowere to be seen he stinks like a diper that just makes him hiper”

12. It was the dog, I swear.

“I am running away becas you think I farted when I dident. PS you are mean”

13. The secret to life.


“Secret Recipe for your wish to come true *cat hair * dog hair * yogurt * ripped up paper *cucumber (sliced) * MIX * Stir * Pour over head * think hard * Done “

14. The silent treatment.


“Im angry at you and im not talking to you today and tomorow. P.s all day. P.S.S I still love you”

15. You tell ’em!


“Dear Dad, Why do you want to be a vegtarin Did mom make you if she did you Do not have to lisen to her she is not your BOSS!”

Too funny! These letters are an amazing insight into the minds of children. Kids have a unique way of seeing the world. And when they actually put their thoughts into words? The cuteness is mind-blowing.

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