Veteran’s Home Was Beyond Repair Until Community Stepped In

A 60-year-old veteran’s home was in such bad repair, that it was unlivable and the veteran was living in a homeless shelter. Thanks to more than 70 volunteers from the Indianapolis community and the Home Depot Team Depot and Volunteers of America Air Force veteran Michael Malone is now back in his home.

Malone inherited his childhood home following the death of his mother, who recently passed away; however, Malone didn’t have the resources to repair the aging home. The home became so bad that Malone was homeless.

Team Depot and Volunteers of America worked tirelessly to bring Malone’s childhood home back to its original splendor. Within days, the bathroom was remodeled, the interior had been painted, new flooring had been put down and a flag pole with an American Flag had been placed in the front yard.

“If I turn the corner and see a flag flying, I know I’ll be home then,” said Michael as he stared up at the red, white and blue. “My daughter was born on the 4th of July, so each time I see the flag, I think of her.”

Malone said the renovations are bittersweet. He wishes his mom was still alive to see the home back in its original shape.

“I’m kind of overwhelmed. I’m happy, I’m sad in a sense that my mother won’t be here to experience this – this was her home,” Malone said. “[But] this just blows me away that there are people that are really truly that kind. It absolutely restores my view of humanity.”

Home Depot has committed to spending a quarter of a billion dollars to end veteran homelessness by 2020. Malone was one of many veterans the organization has helped.

Welcome home, Michael!

Although you won’t see this in the mainstream news, it’s simple acts like this by everyday Americans that makes — and keeps our country great.

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