A 3-Year-Old Went Toy Shopping With Her Grandma and Was Kidnapped After A Man Asked Her This Question

A 3-Year-Old Went Toy Shopping With Her Grandma and Was Kidnapped After A Man Asked Her This Question

Here at The Daily Headline, we like sharing positive, encouraging news; however, sometimes we feel it’s important to share cautionary tales or tips that will keep you and your loved ones safe.

It’s the time of year for kids to be playing outside more. The days are longer, school is out, kids typically have a little more freedom to roam, play and just be kids.

What would you do if your child went out to play and didn’t come home? What if your child was taken from your yard? Would you be prepared for an Amber Alert?

A Michigan mom had to endure the agonizing process of getting an Amber Alert for her daughter.

Her 3-year-old daughter went out toy shopping with her grandmother one afternoon. As the two were checking out, a man approached her and asked her what car she was driving. The grandmother responded and described the color, make and model of her car.

The man told the grandmother that he had seen her car out front and that it has a flat tire. The man offered to help the grandmother change the tire for her. The grandmother thought the man seemed nice so she accepted his offer of help.

The man followed the grandmother and the toddler out to her car. Once there, the grandmother strapped the toddler in her car seat so that she could open the truck to reach the spare.

The man then asked the grandmother for her keys so that he could check her steering. The grandmother handed over her keys. That’s when the man seized the opportunity and took off with her car, and her granddaughter.

An Amber Alert was issued for the toddler.

Hours later, the car and the toddler were found in a rundown neighborhood. Authorities believe that the Amber Alert scared the man, causing him to dump the car and toddler.

If a stranger approaches you to enquire about your vehicle, never, never tell them your vehicle description. Let them describe the vehicle in question to you!

Do you have everything you need for an Amber Alert? An updated photo of your child, their hight, weight? You can now order a safety kit to keep all of these details in one place.

Read the story of another parent whose child went missing below:

have you heard about the AMBER ALERT?
If so, you should consider it as an emergency tool to protect your child.

Here is the real-life story of Jordin L. and her experience of releasing Amber Alert. If you are a Parent, we strongly recommend that you read this until the end:

“I am a single mom of three. I have taught my kids what to do if a bad situation were to arise. But sometimes it may not be enough or the situation may not have happened from a child being abducted. I have had the Child Safety Kits for my kids since they were born and request new kits every year – http://bit.ly/Free_Safety_Kit_US

In June 2016 my oldest son only 7 at the time ran away to go find his father while being watched by the sitter and I was an hour away. The sitter was frantically trying to answer all the questions the sheriff was asking as I was rushing home. I had told her where my children’s safety kits were so she could show the officer to release an Amber Alert. About two hours later my son was found – http://bit.ly/Free_Safety_Kit_US. Of all things I have been through that was by far the worst. The sheriff thanked me for taking precautions and having the safety kits on hand. I am so thankful such a small thing can help so much.” — Jordin’ comment here https://www.facebook.com/492927680809981/posts/936545056448239

Three great takeaways from this story:
(1) usual security precautions don’t always work, so you shouldn’t rely on them alone
(2) you should always check out (and share) those Amber Alerts on Facebook.
(3) The only way to prevent this kind of situation is to be prepared for it. We urge all parents to consider the Child Safe Kit – http://bit.ly/Free_Safety_Kit_US

These ChildSafety kits help release the Amber Alert much faster. Amber Alert is the new emergency system that sends out notification that a child is missing – http://bit.ly/Free_Safety_Kit_US. But once the alert was issued, the child’s abduction became nationwide news. It’s very important because for every hour that passes the search radius for your child has to expand by 60 miles which makes it A LOT harder to find him/her!

These kits are designed to hold all the important information about your child in case they ever go missing. You keep the kit with you (rather than keeping it with a school or the police), so you never have to share your child’s information – http://bit.ly/Free_Safety_Kit_US

It comes at no cost and will be delivered to your door. You can order up to 6 free kits here – http://bit.ly/Free_Safety_Kit_US

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