These firefighters were dared to participate in the “lip sync challenge” sweeping the internet, and the results are just golden

The “lip sync challenge” has been sweeping through police and fire stations across the nation, inspiring men-in-uniform to “sing” their hearts out on camera, delighting their communities both online and in real life.

The Greenville Fire Department in Greenville, Texas recently made their own “lip sync challenge” video after being dared by the nearby Paris, Texas Fire Department, and it’s pure gold.

The video opens with one of the fire fighters giving a “tour” of the kitchen and lounge area to the song “My House” by Flo Rida, eventually leading the camera and a few of his friends through the station’s gym and into the main garage, where the iconic fire trucks can be seen.

The video then shifts through several songs, showcasing the firefighters battling blazes, busting out dance moves, lip syncing, and basically just showing off before the video ends with a patriotic song and a birds-eye-view of the station.

If the firefighters had even just half as much fun making the video as we had watching it, then filming the challenge must have been a great time! Check out the clip for yourself.