5 Dr.’s Stand Behind A Sheet, When They Drop It The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

The Laryngospasms is a hilarious doo wop group of doctors and anesthesiologists. These men met in nursing school and formed the quintuplet decades ago. With their finals finally finished they found themselves with plenty of free time and decided to compose a brilliant performance in front of a live audience. They laughed, sang, and danced for the students at the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia during their University wide Christmas party.

That night, the group performed their own rendition of Neil Sedaka’s popular song ‘Breaking Up is Hard to Do’ with their own little take, calling it ‘Waking up is Hard to Do’.

This particular group of students was known for being wound a bit tight. So they really took their audience by surprise when the hilarity ensued. By the end of the parody the entire audience was wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.

Now, decades later, the group has reunited in order to film their dazzling performance. They opened up an operating room, donned their scrubs, tested their microphones and put their own flair on the classic song. Wait until the drapery drops, the doctors hilarious antics will have you in tears too.

So, without further delay, here are The Laryngospasms with their hit ‘Waking up is Hard to Do’