Survivors Talk To Their 16-Year-Old Selves About Their Experiences With Melonoma

This message is one that can really hit home, especially if you have anyone in your home that sounds like any of these survivors.

These people are all survivors of Malignant Melanoma, a form of skin cancer that will be diagnosed in over 70,000 Americans in 2015 alone. The disease forms in the Melanocytes, the cells producing melanin which is the primary pigment behind our skin and hair color.

The survivors were given a chance to talk to their “16-year-old selves” in the short film, appropriately named Dear 16-Year-Old Me” In the video, produced by DCMF Canada, they tell their younger selves how they got the cancer, how it was discovered, where it was removed, what they should’ve done to prevent it, but most important, not to be afraid.

It’s a moving film that does a great job at getting the message across. The film was created to increase awareness of the disease and has done a great job so far, receiving over 7,000,000 views on YouTube.