This Story Was Posted Online After An ROTC Teacher Said Something To His Student And The Student Reacted

A man posted a story from his childhood on Facebook recently after recalling a conversation he had with his ROTC teacher from back when he was in high school. The teacher confronted him, and he reacted. “Some of my friends called me stupid. Now look at me,” says the man of the encounter.

Read his post below.

Untold Stories:

“See the thing is; my ROTC teacher told me I was gonna end up dead or in jail.

I grew up without a father figure in my life. I wore most of the same clothes from middle till I graduated. We were on food stamps and lived in the hood.

Those are circumstances that I did not let dictate my life. I did not become a product of my environment. Some of my friends called me stupid. Now look at me.

I became aware that I control my destiny. I became aware that I could be the Man that I was intended to be. I became aware that there was only one branch that could build me into a Man. I became a Marine!”

marine 1

Sometimes, doubt is the biggest motivation for success.

God bless our military for giving young, lost boys a path to success and discipline.

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