He Smeared Toothpaste Over His Headlights, The Reason Why Is Brilliant

Over time your car headlights can a little dim and faded. Though a lot of the times it’s due to internal damage which would require you to go to a shop, sometimes it can be external which you can fix yourself.

Here’s one of those ways to fix it that you won’t believe till you see; toothpaste.

A YouTube user by the name ChrisFix, who specializes in auto work, shows us how we can get clean clear headlights again using toothpaste. He makes it pretty clear that not any toothpaste will work, it needs to be gritty with baking soda.

Apply the paste to your headlight and scrub it on good. Then spray it with warm water and clean it with a paper towel. That’s all their is to it, no flass necessary.