Woman Complained About Her Flight, Until She Saw This On A Plane

A woman who felt pity for herself had a sudden moment of clarity while taking a busy flight recently. Read her Facebook post below, which has since gone viral.

Nikki Young

So this happened…

After being at the airport since 4ish and dealing with a 2 hour layover that turned into a 2 1/2 hour layover then 3 hour layover plus my huge disappointment in nibbling at an overpriced crappy chicken salad sandwich and trying to drink a VERY lackluster hot chocolate (basically just having a huge pity party!) something changed in my heart…God put a stop to all my complaining right away.

I met the nicest soldier who had just spent nearly 2 days and 6 different flights to try to get back home to San Antonio after being away from her husband for 6 months while serving over in Jordan. The flight I was getting ready to board was sold out and her chances of getting on as a stand-by looked very slim. I overheard the conversation and without a second thought, I immediately offered her my seat. She was so incredibly grateful, she nearly cried. We hugged and she expressed her incredible gratitude, I couldn’t believe how nice she was. She was thanking me?!! It is I who am most grateful for her service in continuing to fight for our freedom to even allow me to be in this position, to have the luxury of getting to travel whenever and wherever.

Unfortunately, the well intended sacrifice came to a screeching halt when the desk attendant informed us both that a gentleman who missed his connecting flight was scurrying over to the gate and would end up taking the very seat I gave up for her.

I know, right?!

But it all worked out in the end, as we both got moved to a much later flight back to SA. Delta was kind enough to give me a $400 ticket credit for my efforts and I made a new friend.

I was immediately moved to help out this soldier who has done soooooooooooo much more for me than I could ever repay her and so many for. This was the least I could do. So I encourage each and everyone one of you to consider giving up your seat for a soldier trying to get back home. While my day is lasting a great deal longer, her return home just became a great deal shorter!!




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