Man started ‘crying out’ when police stopped him and his son. Then he wrote this online.

The Colorado State Patrol’s Facebook page recently shared a story from a local man who was pulled over by an officer. The man was traveling with his son and snapped a photo of their encounter.

The Facebook post has since gone viral. Read it below.

Colorado State Patrol

I was pulled over today with my son in the back seat of the car (he is 5 years old and aspires to be an officer one day.)

Officer Eduardo Gomez pulled me over, I was at fault. As I was gathering my paperwork to hand over to him, we were talking. He asked me what I did for a living, I told him I was a SPED teacher. He took my papers and said he’d be right back. As we were waiting, my son asked me if he could take a picture with the officer, I told him he would have to ask him when he came back to the car.

When Officer Gomez returned he handed me my license and said that he’d let me go on a warning. I almost started crying out of relief and gratitude. He looked at my son in the back seat and said today you can be a trooper too, and put a CSP sticker on my sons shirt. Ty was elated and asked if he could take a picture with him.

Officer Gomez was more than happy and willing to take the picture. I shook the officers hand and thanked him.

In a time when unfortunate things are happening with law enforcement, there are still enlightening situations that take place every single day. It may not seem like much, but what Trooper Gomez did today keeps the faith alive. Much respect.


The small acts between police officers and the communities’ they serve often go unmentioned in the media, but happen on a daily basis around the country.

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