Kids line up for Christmas song, girl in red has audience rolling when she turns around

Christmas musical programs are always such a treat. Watching the little ones on stage you can clearly see that there are two types of performances going on up  on that stage. First, there are the ones who are shy and sweet, and then there are the ones who blast their personalities to the moon!

As for this little girl, she clearly knows how to give it all she’s got. That would be Kelly Cardillo’s daughter. Her love for the limelight was adorably displayed at her elementary school’s Christmas program in a video that was shared over 16 million times. This little girl clearly has a passion for show biz.

As Kelly had the camera rolling during the performance, she was just as shocked as everyone else to see her daughter turn around with such enthusiasm. She gleefully shines brightly through the entire performance.  

Thank goodness Kelly was able to capture this video for the whole world to see, we know we are sure glad she did! Kelly was one proud mama as she watched her daughter exude Christmas cheer through her performance. She truly stole the show.

In her Facebook post that has since gone viral, Kelly wrote, “This is my Daughter at her school Christmas concert. She brought the house down. See if you can guess which one she is!”

As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for Kelly’s post to go viral. Her sweet daughter’s hilarious facial expressions, talented dance moves, and beautiful personality have been able to spread the Christmas spirit to over 107,000 people across the world.


This girl clearly has a knack for showbiz, you can’t help but smile at this sweet young gal. To see the grade school girl’s flawlessly adorable performance, watch the video below.