If You Hate Clutter, You’ll Love These 14 Space Saving Design Tricks

A common occurrence of home owning is the accumulation of a lot of stuff and your living space becomes quite cluttered. Most people will store their belongings in an attic, basement, or garage, while others try to get rid of it all in a yard sale.

If you don’t want the clutter but also don’t want to go through the hassle of organizing a sale, here are 14 good tips that may help.

1. Don’t leave your trash can out in the open, give it a nice little home.
storage tip 1

2. Keep your shoes organized with PVC pipes.
storage tip 2

3. A sliding food cabinet.
storage tip 3

4. Hanging bike racks. Fairly common.
storage 4

5. Hang high heels on the top of a frame.
storage tip 5

6. A secret compartment for office supplies.
storage tip 6

7. Book shelf, drawers, pull out bed, this spot is perfect.
storage tip 7

8. Something you don’t see very often in modern homes, fold-out space for appliances.
storage tip 8

9. Bunk beds that fold up.
storage tip 9

10. A storage space under the stairs.
storage tip 10

11. This is actually a bed frame with several compartments underneath.
storage tip 11

12. A bench that holds your firewood.
storage tip 12

13. This may look like an empty space (which is good, that’s what we’re aiming for here) but it’s actually the intricate storing space yet.
storage tip 13

14. And of course, your basic kitchen hideaway storage.
storage tip 14

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by clutter, remember these easy tips.