His Wife Called When She Heard This On The News. His Response Was A Shocker.

With technology at our fingertips, it seems every waking moment we are super-glued to a screen.

The next time you’re in public, take a look around you and count how many people have a cellphone in hand, oblivious to the world around them.

Although technology has made obvious improvements to our lives, our dependency upon our devices is becoming a real problem.

Unijokes shared this joke about how distracted driving can have bizarre consequences.

Here’s the joke.

An old guy in his Volvo is driving home from work when his wife calls him on his cellphone.

“Honey,” she says in a worried voice, “Be careful. There was a bit on the news just now, some lunatic is driving the wrong way down the freeway.”

“It’s worse than that,” he replies, “there are hundreds of them!”

Sure this probably gave you a good laugh, but it’s also a vivid reminder to practice road safety. Answering the phone while driving is never a good idea!

The moral of this story? Sometimes when you’re busy thinking the whole world around you is crazy, you fail to take a good look in the mirror to see the real lunatic at fault.

Goodness gracious…

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