Here’s What Could Have Happened If They Chose To End Their Babies’ Lives

When the world hands you a dark cloud, it’s often hard to envision the rainbow that will ensue. When you are suffering, it’s far easier to throw your hands up in frustration, and shout, “I give up!” But what if you, as just one person, possess more power than you could ever imagine? What if you hold the key to unlocking a glorious future to all of mankind?

In this excerpt from Stories for Preaching, we are presented with problems so grave, even the strongest will feel weak in the knees.

Read the following scenarios:

Would you consider abortion in the following situations?

1. There’s a preacher and wife who are very, very, poor. They already have 14 kids. Now she finds out she’s pregnant with her 15th. They’re living in tremendous poverty.

2. The father is sick, the mother has TB. They have 4 children. The first is blind, second is dead, third is deaf, fourth has TB. She finds she’s pregnant again.

3. A white man raped a 13 year old black girl and she got pregnant.

4. A teenage girl is pregnant. She’s not married. Her fiancé is not the father of the baby, and he’s very upset.

If you chose to terminate, in the first case, you have terminated John Wesley, one of the great evangelists in the 19th century. In the second case, you have terminated Beethoven. In the third case, you have terminated Ethel Waters, the great black gospel singer. In the fourth case you have terminated Jesus.

Abortion. It’s just a choice after-all. Right? The problem is, who knows what that little unborn babe could have become. The loss of that one baby could mean the world would never experience the wondrous sounds of Beethoven or the benevolence of Jesus Christ. A world without these great figures would be a world in debt, indeed.

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