This Family’s Holocaust Survival Story Is So Remarkable, It Was Made Into A Movie

The diary of Anne Frank can be a difficult read, especially if you have personal ties to the Holocaust. But Anne Frank’s family wasn’t the only one to go into hiding in an attempt to escape the grasp of those who would do them harm. Thousands of families fled into hiding in many different ways.

This video is an excerpt of a documentary named “No Place On Earth” that highlights 38 jews who went into hiding in an extensive underground cave system named Verteba.

Survival in the cave was difficult. Food was scarce and water was even scarcer. Worse still was that the Nazi’s were making an attempt to chase them. Sadly, Nazis successfully captured and later executed several of them.

The 38 jews managed to survive almost two years in caves without adequate food, water, or equipment. This harrowing tale can be be seen in its entirety in the “No Place On Earth” documentary, which is available now on Netflix. If you have any interest in the Holocaust or understanding the human condition, we encourage you to go watch it!