It was an ordinary December day at the Goodwill in Norwalk, Ohio. Shoppers buzzed through the shop, searching for bargains on everything from home decorations to fashion.
Everyone Had Given Up On An Eagle Stuck In A Tree -- Except For This U.S. Army Veteran
When a bald eagle got tangled in a rope attached to a tree, everyone else in a Minnesota town left the bird for dead -- except for one sharp-shooting Army veteran who refused to give up on the stranded animal.
Preschool sweethearts reunite after 30 years, now married!
Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders met at preschool when they were just three years old. The two were virtually inseparable, chasing each other around the playground, playing Legos, and eating lunch together every day. According to Good Housekeeping, the two lost touch after attending different grade schools, and went thirty...
VIDEO: Adorable 3-year-old girl books hair appointment for her doll for a very special reason
With a larger-than-life heart and longer-than-average hair, Emily James is not your typical 3-year-old girl. She's a true princess. When Emily's parents suggested donating her lengthy locks to a cancer patient in need, the little girl jumped at the opportunity. They helped her look up short hair styles and showed...
Georgia Man Blocks Traffic For Elderly Man
E'Ondria Weems, of Griffin, Georgia, shared this sweet video of a man getting out of his truck and stopping traffic to help an elderly man across the road to her Facebook page.
A nurse turned to music when a patient of hers had trouble communicating, singing to him and others in the ward as a way to brighten everyone's day.
Thurman Carthen worked as a middle school custodian for 13 years. Last week, Carthen, 65, was set to retire. Over the years, Carthen has taken a break from mopping floors and fixing lights to sing happy birthday. Carthen thought no one took much notice of his voice...but they did. On Thurday, Galena...
A North Carolina school receptionist gave her school a summer send-off that won't soon be forgotten. Regina Ballard belted out Etta James' classic song, "At Last" over the school's PA system. A coworker recorded the performance and Ballard shared it to Facebook. In her post, she said, “I love my job, y'all,...