Man Assisting Elderly Stranger Across The Road Wants Everyone to ‘Do Good’

Georgia Man Blocks Traffic For Elderly Man

Who doesn’t love it when a heartwarming story goes viral?  This is our favorite kind of story!

E’Ondria Weems, of Griffin, Georgia, shared this sweet video of a man getting out of his truck and stopping traffic to help an elderly man across the road to her Facebook page.

Weems posted the video on Saturday, March 11. Since then, the video has gone viral. The video has more than 6,000,000 views and has been shared 136,000 times.

The man in the video has now been identified as Justin Jackson.

The video of Justin Jackson blocking traffic to help an elderly man cross the street went viral.

Though the video has been viewed millions of times, and Jackson has achieved internet fame, Jackson remained humble about his act, “I just got out and did what I needed to do,” he told 12WMAZ news. “It makes me feel good because it’s obviously making other people want to do good, too,” Jackson said. “And that’s the ultimate goal – make everyone do good.”

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