Patient had trouble communicating. Then her nurse started singing Elvis and everything changed.

A nurse turned to music when a patient of hers had trouble communicating, singing to him and others in the ward as a way to brighten everyone’s day.

28-year-old Anna Pyra works as a nurse at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

Pyra began singing at work one day when one of her patients was unable to communicate. Pyra explained that her patient had “communication difficulties and wasn’t able to speak.”

She says when she started singing Elvis, her patient responded almost immediately.

“It was the best feeling for me and I really knew I had made a difference,” she added.

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From then on, Pyra took to singing to patients on a regular basis.

“I think it’s an honor to look after patients when they really need it and it’s great being part of that journey. My singing is just part of that,” Pyra explained.

“I’m like a human jukebox. I love all types of music and sometimes I will start a song and pick up another half way through.”

Pyra has won the hearts of the patients and staff at the hospital with her joyful singing and The Scottish Sun reports her performance has even earned her a nomination for the National Health Services Staff Award.

“Anna is fantastic and a firm favorite with staff and patients alike,” said Rosie Moffat, Pyra’s senior charge nurse.

“She really brightens up everyone’s day and puts aside whatever cares she may have to bring pleasure to the patients.”

Check out a clip of her singing with a patient below.