A Waitress Read A Note Scribbled On The Check And Instantly Broke Down

Waitresses have to have a lot of patience. Waiting on hundreds of customers daily who each expect undivided attention must be infuriating. However, when a man walked into Mac’s Grub Shak in Spring Hill, Tennessee, the waitress on duty would be treated to one of the perks of customer service, and reminded of one of the best parts of human nature.

After enjoying a meal of hot dogs, the mysterious benefactor left a 36 dollar tip, along with a hand written note explaining the gesture.


Apparently, each year the man commemorates his brother’s memory by enjoying his brother’s favorite meal and spreads the love by tipping the staff equal to his brother’s age.

There’s no better way to keep memories of those who pass on alive than spreading kindness in their name. Due to the man’s actions, his brother Wes lives on in the hearts of the staff of Mac’s Grub Shak too. Surely if Wes was alive today he’d be honored by such a kind gesture being done in his name.