A day alone with dad took an adorable turn for this little baby, and the results will melt your heart

Polish father Bartosz Fermanski was left home alone with his daughter, Emily, presenting him with an opportunity most dads can’t pass up when left alone with their children – the chance to turn babysitting into something hilarious. That’s exactly what this loving father did when he stuck fake eyebrows and even a mustache on his little daughter, creating a sight too cute to handle.

In the video, Emily can be seen sitting amongst blankets when suddenly her dad’s hand enters the frame, placing an adhesive eyebrow on the forehead of his daughter.

He then carefully places another, creating a cockeyed expression on his baby’s face that isn’t complete until he adds a large, curled mustache and even a soul patch.

The father giggles in delight at the baby’s bizarre get-up, a look reminiscent of Guy Fawkes, and even inspires Emily herself to let out a laugh at her situation.

The video ends with a joyous baby squeal, though we imagine the mother had quite a different reaction when she returned home to find her baby in disguise.

“This baby reminds me when the sun in Teletubbies came out,” wrote one viewer.

“You gotta show this video on her 18th birthday party,” said another.

“You’re sleeping on the couch!” commented a third.

Watch the baby’s transformation below — you won’t regret it, but her father might when her mother gets home!