5 Surprising Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar That’ll Make Your Skin Look Radiant

Do you suffer from skin issues such as age spots? Have you tried topical creams and ointment only to find that they irritate your skin even more?

Perhaps a more natural remedy is just what your body is craving.

You’ve probably heard of apple cider vinegar (ACV) before, but most likely you know it for its use as a cooking ingredient.

But who knew? This substance is also known as a skin healing agent.

Remedy Daily offered some natural remedies using apple cider vinegar.

1. Age Spots:

The natural acids in ACV help to remove dead skin cells. Regular use can diminish signs of age spots on the skin.

To use:

Apply the vinegar directly to age spotted skin and use a cotton ball to blot the area. Let it dry for 30 minutes. Repeat twice a day for up to 6 weeks.

Vinegar home remedies also offered this ACV recipe used to treat age spots.

This one is worth a shot!

  • Finely chop or blend an onion, then extract the juice
  • Mix equal parts of onion juice and apple cider vinegar to create a solution
  • Apply the solution with a cotton ball directly to the age spots every day for about 6 weeks

2. Skin Toner:

ACV contains astringent properties which can help minimize pores and also improve circulation.

To use:

Mix ½ cup of water and ½ cup ACV and add a few drops of lavender oil. Apply using a cotton ball directly to the skin. Allow it to set for 2 minutes, then rinse. Repeat twice a day.

3. Bruise Healer:

This vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties and works incredibly to repair damaged skin.

To use:

Soak a cotton ball with ACV and place onto bruise. Cover it with a bandage. Remove after one hour.

4. Foot Deodorizer:

Due to its antiseptic properties, ACV works wonders as a deodorizer. It’s also an antifungal and is effective in treating fungal infections.

To use:

Fill a tub with 4 cups of water. Mix in a cup of ACV. Soak feet in the tub for about 15 minutes. Rinse and dry your feet.

5. Sunburn Soother:

ACV’s natural astringent ramps up the healing process. It’s effective against irritation, itching and inflammation due to sunburns.

To use:

Mix even amounts of cool water and ACV and apply to the sunburnt areas. Massage the solution into your skin. Repeat a few times a day.

Consider this:

While the use of ACV has its proven benefits, the results are not guaranteed. Before to consult a medical professional before its use or if you experience any side-effects.

Beautiful skin is coming your way!