27 People Who Tried To Fix Their Own Cars, But Failed Horribly

It’s well known that taking care of a car is a lot of work, time, and money. Some people don’t have the money for repairs, others just like a do-it-yourself project, either way, the results aren’t pretty.

Broken air filter? Just use a movie popcorn bowl. Problem solved ad now your car smells delicious.
diy car 1

No wheel? There’s an easy fix for that.
diy car 2

This guy’s window broke. Just take any pane of glass and tape it to your door. What’s that matter if it doesn’t fit?
diy car 3

This may be better than the window fix above. At least the window is sealed in there.
diy car 4

Lose a tire? No problem, just wrap the wheel with a garden hose and you’ll be good to go.
diy car 5

This…is actually a good idea for anyone without cup holders.
diy car 6

At first glance you’d think there’s nothing wrong here. Take a closer look and you’ll notice the “paint job” is just duct tape.
diy car 7

I don’t know how he managed to lose a whole side of his car, nor how he molded that sheet of metal to replace it.
diy car 8

Because a bungee cord will absolutely be secure enough to guarantee your safety.
diy car 9

Let’s give this guy a hand for his effort.
diy car 10

This guy can’t be serious…
diy car 11

Well, at least they didn’t draw headlights.
diy car 12

A valve for that “old fashioned” feel.
diy car 13

Lost a car seat? Whatever, just use a lawn chair.
diy car 14

Pretty sure that lock isn’t meant for that kind of door.
diy car 15

Ah, it seems to be trending.
diy car 16

Something’s gotta hold it up!
diy car 19

You can barely tell the difference.
diy car 20

Certainly not the worse we’ve seen so far, but it certainly looks silly.
diy car 21

Broke your side view mirror? Just use a bathroom mirror.
diy car 22

Who are they trying to fool?
diy car 23

Zip ties are perfect for when your interior is tearing apart.
diy car 24

Doritos are great and everything, but a regular plastic bag wouldn’t suffice?
diy car 25

He’s just using wood until he can upgrade to stone.
diy car 26

The hinges are a nice touch.
diy car 27

This is what every car on this list might as well look like.
diy car 29

These are clear examples of people who would have been better of just taking their car to the mechanic.