17 Mind Bending Optical Illusions That Will Make You Do A Triple-Take

10. Look at the cube. Is the blue side on the inner back of the cube or on the outer front of the left side? The more you stare, the more confusing it becomes at it will switch from back to front.


11. What does this image say? Are you sure? You probably didn’t notice the extra “the” in the image that reads: “I love Paris in the the springtime.” Since we are familiar with the saying, our brains simply interpret it incorrectly!


12. This illusion only works after you stare away from it. First, stare at the dots at the center of the oddly colored flag. Count to 30 and don’t look away. Next, quickly look at a white wall, white sheet of paper, or white part of your screen. Did you see a traditional red, white and blue American flag appear? This image is so ingrained in our minds, our unconscious sees this as a way or solving the puzzle.


13. Stare at this image and count to 30 and don’t look away. Now stare at something blank and white. Do you now see a glowing white bulb? This mind trick works with the way our brains detect positive and negative (black/white).


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