17 Mind Bending Optical Illusions That Will Make You Do A Triple-Take

14. Do you see a duck or a bunny? Maybe you see both. The duck is visible with a bill pointing to the left, and the bunny with his nose pointing to the right.


15. Stare at the black dot in the center. The longer you stare, the more of the grey cloud surrounding it will vanish. This trick works with the way our minds detect and interpret light.


16. How many faces can you spot? If you can find 10 faces you have normal powers of observation. If you find 15, you have above average observation skills, if you discover 21 or more, you have extraordinary observation skills.


17. Do you see the dog in this image? It’s a Dalmatian and he’s very cleverly camouflaged, in the center walking away from the camera with his nose to the ground. Once you see him, you’ll always see him.


How did you do?

If you found some of these tricky, don’t feel bad. You’re right there with the rest of us.

While some of these tests can be reasoned through, others are simply your brain’s inborn reaction to stimuli.

Interesting stuff!

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