17 Mind Bending Optical Illusions That Will Make You Do A Triple-Take

The human mind has a complicated way of detecting and interpreting the world around it.

Despite its intricacy, the brain can be easily misled by those who study it.

Think you can pass the test?

Illusions posted these fascinating optical illusions designed to trick your mind.

Don’t be fooled!

1. Can you count the black dots? Try to focus on a single dot. Did it turn white? That’s because all the dots are actually white! Your brain is tricked by the dominance of the black squares and sees the dots as negative.


2.  The two squares are the same shade of grey. Don’t believe it? Place a finger in the center where the boxes meet.


3. Can you multi-task like a pro? Try to say the color instead of the word. See how fast you can.


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