Woman’s birthday cake goes viral, proving that kindness matters

Woman's birthday cake goes viral, proving that kindness matters

A Michigan woman’s birthday cake went viral after she shared her sweet encounter with an employee with autism.

Fox 17

The buyer, Lisa Aldrich, purchased the dessert at a Meijer in Gaines Township, Michigan to celebrate her sister’s birthday.

After noticing the cake’s appearance, she was a bit surprised. Several employees also noticed and offered to give her a replacement – but Lisa denied, saying it was no big deal.

However, to the girl who decorated the cake, it was a very big deal.

“One of [the employees] put her hand on my shoulder and said, ‘you know, the girl who wrote that has autism and you probably made her day,’” said Aldrich. “So I was really glad that it happened that way, I just didn’t think it was this big of a deal.”

According to Fox 17, Aldrich’s act of understanding has been shared over 120,000 times on Facebook, receiving mentions from local and national news outlets, and attention from Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan.

Although Lisa did not post the story for self-glorification, she is overjoyed from the results. She has received an outpouring of responses from those who were inspired by the story, many of whom have loved ones with autism or have it themselves.

“Being nice matters,” said Aldrich. “The main thing is that everybody is important. People matter, and you don’t always know the story behind their life. And you don’t need to. You should just be nice anyways because that’s the right thing to do.”

Meijer spokesman Frank Guglielmi shared a few words.

“This team member was trying to provide great customer service, and our customer was very kind in the way she handled the situation,” Guglielmi said. “We believe this story seems to resonate with people because it sends the message that a little kindness can go a long way.”

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