What This Mother Does With Her 2-Year-Old Daughter’s Doodles Is Brilliant

When she was pregnant with her daughter, artist Ruth Oosterman, said she had a hard time coming up with ideas for new works. ¬†However, the moment her daughter was born, the ideas started flowing and she began working on new paintings — with her daughter strapped to her chest. ¬†

As soon as she could hold on to a crayon, young Eve began doodling.


One day, Ruth saw a hidden gem in one of her scribbles and started painting over it.


Her daughter, Eve, is now 2 years old and her doodles and this mommy/daughter duo are churning out amazing pieces of art.


She displays their works on her blog ‘The Mischievous Mommy’.


And even uploads before and after videos on Youtube.


In a conversation with BuzzFeed, Ruth gave one of her favorite quotes, which is a remarkably fitting quote from Picasso: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

Oosterman also sells the paintings on her Etsy store, with all proceeds going to young Eve’s college fund. Sometimes it takes the inner child in all of us to get our creative juices flowing, for this mom/daughter duo her actual child did just the trick.

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